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LIFTE H2 is founded and led by the former strategy, engineering, and product development leadership teams from one of the world's leading hydrogen infrastructure companies.

Matthew Blieske, CEO of LIFTE H2

Matthew built and led a global team that delivered hydrogen projects, products, and digital operations on three continents. His leadership and vision helped to push hydrogen mobility out of a world of perpetually high cost and low demand onto a roadmap accelerating towards profitability globally.

Matthew Blieske


Jeremy Maunus, COO of LIFTE H2

Over the past decade, Jeremy helped build grid-scale energy storage, direct-to-consumer energy solutions, and hydrogen infrastructure businesses in both startup and corporate environments. His passion is executing complex opportunities where he can leverage his breadth of commercial, operational, and product expertise.

Jeremy Maunus


Angela Ackroyd, CTO of LIFTE H2

An industry innovator, Angie has pioneered several hydrogen product offerings and supply chain technologies, with decades of engineering experience ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. She led the development of novel products with industry-leading performance, function, and safety for distribution, dispensing, compression, storage, and control. She continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in hydrogen.

Angela Ackroyd


Paul Karzel, Managing Director LIFTE H2 GMBH

Paul is responsible for some of the most important hydrogen industry collaborations currently convened. A trusted name in the industry, he routinely demonstrates the ability to bring unusual partners together for a common goal.

Paul Karzel

Managing Director LIFTE H2 GMBH


L.I.F.T.E. is an acronym for LOVE, INTEGRITY, FUN, TRUTH, and EXCELLENCE. These values represent the foundation upon which we conduct business. They guide us in how we bring ourselves to the work each day and are a reflection of how we treat each other.

Love Integrity Fun Truth  Excellence

in everything we do

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Love for our teammates, our customers, and ourselves is the framework we use to steward the privilege and natural resources we have been given. In this way, we serve people and our environment without destructive exploitation.


It's simple: Do the right (hard!) thing, especially when no one is watching.


What unites us is the desire to build, to create, to make things work. Fun doesn't mean bean bag chairs and video games at the office (well, maybe for some); it's about fulfilling your passion while doing hard things with people you love and trust.


We are data-driven and relentlessly curious. This drives us to continuously dig and challenge our held beliefs, strategies, and product plans.


Whatever we set out to do, we do with all of our hearts and minds. Excellence is an action word where we put Love, Integrity, Fun, and Truth into practice.

We believe that how and why we do something is even more important than what we do. We love people and the planet, and believe that clean hydrogen plays an important role in our carbon-free future. As a people-first organization, we support and lift up (pun intended) each of our team members. We genuinely care about each other and about our purpose as an organization.

We hope we aren’t giving away the secrets of the universe here, but that is how we, together, are able to lend our passion and skill to such an important mission. Decarbonizing society is no easy feat, but when we uplift and respect each other, we can serve the people around the world.


Join us on the frontlines of the world's energy transition! We’re on a mission to accelerate the decarbonization of society. As a member of our team, you'll have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology, collaborate with industry experts, and make a positive impact on the future of energy.

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