LIFTE H2’s New Products Could Cut Hydrogen Delivery Costs In Half

LIFTE H2, a company that specializes in hydrogen delivery and dispensing, has developed two new scalable products that have the potential to reduce the cost of hydrogen delivery and dispensing by up to 50%.

The MACH2 Mobile Refueller and MACH2 High-Capacity Hydrogen Trailer are designed to advance hydrogen as a competitive, low-carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuels. The MACH2 mobile refueller is a combination of a hydrogen dispenser and high-capacity trailer that can save costs by up to 35% compared to other mobile refueling options and by up to 50% compared to investing in a fixed solution.

The refueller can recharge a hydrogen bus or truck in around 10 minutes at a rate of up to 3.6 kg per minute and can be increased to 7.2 kg when used in conjunction with an external chiller.

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The MACH2 High-Capacity Hydrogen Trailer, with a capacity of over 1,330kg at roughly 550 bar, is the biggest capacity hydrogen trailer currently on the market and is claimed to lower the cost of carrying hydrogen by 20%. Both systems are equipped with a secure Asset Performance Management system which enables low-cost, high-reliability operations and maintenance as well as real-time asset monitoring.