Solutions Asset Performance Management Platform


LIFTE H2’s Asset Performance Management (APM) System is the world’s first synchronized workspace designed specifically for managing hydrogen data, assets, and people.

We leveraged our extensive industry knowledge and incorporated real-world lessons to develop a transformational digital platform that enhances hydrogen asset and project performance, improves safety, and securely optimizes system efficiency.

Your team can effortlessly monitor, assess and optimize hydrogen assets for peak performance. This intuitive and centralized platform lets you facilitate kflows, analyze productivity, and gain actionable insights with ease.

The platform streamlines complex maintenance, operational, and safety procedures, allowing for increased efficiency and maximum uptime, while putting safety at the forefront. With our cutting-edge platform, you can reduce costly downtime, avoid errors, and ensure peak performance at all times.



  • Monitor and analyze critical data from unlimited multi-functional assets
  • Optimize performance of assets and systems
  • Automate and/or streamline operations, maintenance, and safety workflows
  • Maximize operational efficiency and productivity
  • Minimize downtime
  • Securely collaborate across teams, systems, and supply chains with precise data sharing


  • Real-time data reporting
  • Precise and secure data sharing controls
  • Programmable automation for workflow procedures and custom alerts
  • Industry-leading security and compliance (ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 1 certified)
  • Integrates seamlessly into existing organizational security protocols (e.g. SSO and federation)
  • Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface
  • Effortless generation of reports, charts, and graphs

LIFTE H2 provides operations and maintenance support and training where and when applicable. The APM platform provides the real-time asset data and we apply our extensive field experience to ensure your system is safely and reliably operating in order to help you achieve mission success.

Our digital platform empowers you with the tools you need to minimize downtime, eliminate inefficiencies and maximize your uptime. With our cutting-edge system, you can focus on growing your hydrogen infrastructure with the confidence and assurance that your assets are performing at their best.


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