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We are driven by data and seasoned with experience.

As an end-to-end hydrogen system partner, we can help you get the most out of your hydrogen assets - from electrolyzers to refueling stations.

We are committed to data-driven decisions, which is why we strongly encourage that all hydrogen infrastructure is managed using a secure system like LIFTE's Asset Performance Management platform.

We provide flexible and customized support to fit your specific asset management needs and offer tiered levels of service from remote monitoring to full asset O&M and training to keep your operation running smoothly and continuously improving.

Supported hydrogen assets:

  • Electrolyzers & Steam Methane Reformers (SMRs)
  • Compressor Systems
  • Fixed and Mobile Refuelers
  • Transport Trailers
  • Export Systems
  • Storage Systems
  • Chilling Systems
  • Dispenser Systems


  • LH2_OM-Icon_Safety


    Safety is paramount, which is why it is built into EVERYTHING we do. All workflows managed through our APM platform have safety controls and checks integrated into the process.

  • LH2_OM-Icon_Availability


    We understand how essential it is for your assets to not only perform to spec, but for them to reliably operate whenever called upon. The APM platform not only monitors assets, but it provides reliability engineering models and immediately notifies the O&M team when performance deviations materialize - flagging issues prior to equipment shutdown and minimizing potential downtime.

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    Most asset inefficiencies stem from siloed data collection and lack of visibility into system-wide operations. We can support your operation by integrating infrastructure (existing and new) and optimizing O&M efforts through integrated workflows including maintenance work orders, permits to work, and safety risk analyses.

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    The profitability of your hydrogen system is vital to the overall hydrogen transition. LIFTE H2’s O&M team coupled with the APM platform can support that goal by leveraging data analytics tools and KPI trends to pinpoint operating costs and inefficiencies, and by optimizing preventive and reactive maintenance strategies.




Data-Driven Decisions

LIFTE H2 relies extensively on data for all Operations & Mainenance efforts, new initiatives, validations, and all changes executed in the field. There is no “trial and error” with LIFTE H2’s Operations & Mainenance services.

Superior Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is a mechanism for continuous improvement. Our Operations & Maintenance team prioritizes the end-user experience (from H2 station users to transport trailer operators) and can implement feedback instruments appropriate for the use case.